Kanam Full Movie Review And Rating


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Kanam Full Movie Review And Rating
 Cast :                                          Naga shaurya, Sai Pallavi, Priyadarshi, Veronica
 Story, Screenplay, Direction:    AL Vijay
Production:                               Lyca Productions
Music:                                       Sam Cs
Cinematography:                      Nirav Shah
‘Kanam’ movie is a message oriented movie written and directed by AL Vijay. The movie showcases the bitter truth of how baby girl is murdered even before she sees the world.
Kanam Story:
Krishna (Naga Shourya)  and Tulasi (Sai Pallavi) fall in love. Tulasi gets pregnant at the young age of 19 and hence the pair decides abort the child. They get married after 5 years with the consent of their families. The aborted baby comes to life as an evil spirit and takes revenge on all those who murdered her.
Kanam Review:
Abortion is the main theme of the movie. Director Al Vijay took a complex subject of killing a girl child even before she sees the world. Director has succeeded in telling complex issue in a very convincing way but failed to keep it in the second half. The story is changed to a thriller for the commercial aspects.
The screenplay could’ve been better. The cinematography is good and every frame is perfect. Editing has done well and could’ve been better.
Naga Shourya and Sai Pallavi gave their best with emotional dialogues. Sai Pallavi will make you feel the emotions on the screen with her subtle acting. Veronica also performed well with her expressions. The father, mother and daughter emotions have worked well on the screen.
Bottom Line: Kanam, halfhearted attempt at a novel concept
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