Kaushal Strong Reply To Trollers

After winning Biggboss season 2 title with a huge majority Kaushal Manda is still under the scanners. Recently, in a popular TV debate, the Kaushal Army fans have come forward and revealed attention seeking news. They said that he used fans for making money and misused the funds he collected from fans and used those for his personal purpose.

kaushal manda caste
kaushal manda caste


Giving a counter to their statements, Kaushal expressed his views via social media blogger and said that he is doesn’t have time or energy to talk to fools and he won’t change anytime soon.

“If talking against me gives them the satisfaction, let them. I haven’t had the time neither have I got energy to talk to fools. I’m what I’m and I won’t be changing anytime soon #KaushalArmy pic.” wrote Kaushal Manda


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