Kirrak Party Full Movie Review And Rating


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kirrak Party Full Movie Review And Rating
Cast: Nikhil Siddharth, Samyuktha Hegde and  Simran Pareenja
Director : Sharan Koppisetty
Producer : Anil Sunkara
Music Director : B. Ajaneesh Lokanath
Editor : M. R. Varmaa
Kirrak Party Story:
Krishna(Nikhil) is a engineering student freaking out in campus with his gang of friends. He falls in love with his senior Meera(Simran), she’s a kind girl who helps needy people. Inspired by her Nikhil changes his attitude from being mischievous guy.  Unfortunately, Meera is killed in a fatal accident. Struck by tragedy, Krishna turns a rebellious student without trace of smile. Eventually, he becomes student leader by the time he reaches final year. Satya (Samyukta), his junior starts loving him. She’s bubbly girl who attempts to bring back his lost happiness. Will Krishna come back to normal? Will he give Satya space in his heart?
Kirrak Party Review:
Kirrak Party is campus drama. The film is all about how a student evolves from 1st year to final year of his engineering course. It makes you nostalgic of college days. However, the film has shades of Happy Days and Premam. First half is filled with fun with friends hanging out in college. Focus is on friendship and romance. Film turns emotional by interval. Nikhil’s mass angle is showcased in second half. However, the film gets heavy with sentiment and preclimax appears dragged. Some heart touching moments come here and there. Climax is like a farewell party that leaves us with mixed feelings.
Nikhil steals the show. In the first half he is seen as a happy go lucky fresher freaking out with friends. He shows his macho mass avatar from interval. His intense emotional scenes shows how he evolved as an actor. Samyukta Hegde is good as bubbly girl. Simran Pareenja is subtle as a good samaritan.
Music is the soul of Kirrak Party. Songs have been topping the charts. But after watching movie the songs will haunt us. Background score too enhances the mood of the scenes. Cinematography is upto the mark. Editing could have been better, second half lags could have been avoided.
Bottom-line: Kirrak youth mass entertainer


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