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Manasuku Nachindhi Movie Review
Cast:  Sundeep Kishan, Amyra Dastur, Tridha Choudhury, Adith Arun, Priyadarshi, Baby Jahnavi, Punarnavi Bhupalam
Director: Manjula Ghattamaneni
Music: Radhan
DoP: Ravi Yadav
Producer: Sanjay Swaroop
Banner: Anandi Art Creations
Manasuku Nachindhi Story: Its a Journey of Friends to Find themselves in the mother nature and explore their boundaries irrespective of their pressures.
Suraj( Sundeep Kishan) and Nitya(Amyra) are childhood friends. Nitya is nature lover and Suraj is a photographer. Their parents fix their marriage, to escape the marriage they both runaway to Goa along with friends (priyadarshi, Abhay, punarnavi).  Both are in search of love to find themselves. Nitya starts yoga classes while Janu(Manjulas daughter) and Nikki (Tridha) joins the classes. Suraj falls in love with Nikki who is a model. Abhi (Adith) is owner of house they reside. Nitya falls in love with him. Suraj’s first assignment as a photographer fails and his contract is cancelled.
As everyone distances from Suraj for his failure, Nitya stands by him and becomes his strength. Suraj shoots an awesome photos of nature at silent lake. Eventually, Nitya realises she loves Suraj. She starts envying Nikki as she’s getting intimate with Suraj. when Nithya expects Suraj to propose, there comes a surprise twist in the tale. what happens to his photograpy career? Will he understand Nitya’s love? What happens to Nikki?To find answers to this interesting questions, watch in the nearest theaters from today.
Manasuku Nachindhi  Review:
Manasuku Nachindhi is one of the routine kind of friends-turn-lovers films that had been seen umpteen times across decades. The Triangle love story which is quite boring for the viewers with run-of-the-mill narration. childhood friends runaway from home to escape their arranged marriage to explore themselves in the world of mother nature. One can easily predict the next scene. Mahesh Babu is nature in the movie. His voice over couldn’t add much to the movie. second half could’ve been better but it is terribly slow paced. Lenghty scenes with dull direction test the patience. Manjula seems to be inspired from Bollywood flick ‘Wake Up Sid’ and Hollywood series ‘Friends’.
Sundeep Kishan is same as in his previous movies, Amyra is cute and apt for her role in the movie, her performance is better than co-stars. Tridha oozes oomph in some bikini scenes. Adith has nothing to much in the film, his role is just wasted in the movie like Tridha. Nasser role could’ve been better characterized, intense emotional climax scene has been received comically by audience. Unstable characters lead to a unstable movie on over all.
Music is a plus point to the movie though. Director of photography Ravi Yadav has started his second innings with this film and done a great job. Nature is captured well with his lens. Production values are good. Dialogues are good but audience couldn’t connect with those characters. Manjula Ghattamaneni is doing Direction Debut and is good.
Bottom-Line: ‘Naakem ardham kavatledu neekem cheppanu’ 
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