Mental Madhilo Movie Review


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Cast: Sri Vishnu, Nivetha Pethuraj

Director: Vivek Athreya

Music: Prashant Vihari

Producer: Raj Kandukuri

Arvind Krishna (Sri Vishnu) is a fickle minded techie who gets confused when given options. Added to this he also is extremely shy with girls. His parents struggle to find a suitable bride for him. One fine day, Arvind likes a girl Swetcha(Nivetha) and when the pair is about to get engaged, it is halted due to an unexpected obstacle. However, Arvind and Swetcha go on date and get closer. Meanwhile, Arvind gets transferred to Mumbai. He meets Renu, a mysterious girl on the journey. He gets curious to learn more about her. Accidentally, they both meet again in Mumbai and he accommodates her in his room. Fascinated by her cherub attitude, he gets intimate to her. His confusion comes into play again.  Can he overcome his syndrome to make wise decision that is crucial in his life? To find out watch Mental Madhilo on big screen!

Mental Madhilo Movie Review:


Mental Madhilo is made into a quintessential rom-com with a fresh and breezy feel. Some sort of novelty is showcased in narration that makes it engrossing. Movie takes off on a slow note, director takes his own convenient time establishing protagonist characterization. The film pitches up with entry of Swetcha as an uber cool chic. With a tangy twist at interval, the film rides to new high. Emotions are subtly maintained without much of melodrama. Fun part continues in second half with mystic role of of second leading lady. Audience would be left in puzzling mode in sync with the hero by the climax and get relieved from the dilemma along with him.


Mental Madhilo doesn’t have great technical or production values. It is more of a content and script driven flick. Film appears to be shot on a mobile camera. However, it gives a natural feel and suits the flavor of the film. Background music is classy and couple of songs haunt. Editing is crisp.


It is tailor made role of Sri Vishnu. He amazes with his subtle nuances and convincing expressions. His typical slang further alleviates his confusion character. Nivetha Pethuraj leaves strong impact with her attitude reflecting her relentless role. The new girl who played second lead is okay, she needs to improve on expression and lip-sync.

Bottom-line: With no confusion watching Mental Madhilo is a right choice!



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