Mithai Director Releases Apology Letter

Mithai director Prashanth Kumar released an apology letter for owing the failure of Mithai. He released a statement taking the credit for the movie failure after Rahul Ramarkrishna. Here is what the budding director has wrote.

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“Okays the verdict is out and My film has tanked, all the stakeholders have lost money. I raise my hand and take responsibility for the failure, somewhere audience failed to connect with the film. Solely my responsibility no one’s else’s. But at the same time I am proud of Mithai, even when I would have given few hits down the line, when I get old as well I will be proud of Mithai,” read his statement.

He also added what he told while making the movie. “From the beginning, I used to tell my crew if its hit we will have success party if it bombs we will have failure party. The cast has slowly started to dissociate themselves, which is pretty much understandable if a film is a hit 100 people come to take credit. If it bombs director is the lonely man standing I am not lonely my cameraman Ravivarman Neelamegam, my sound designer Sachin Sudhakaranand my music director Vivek Sagar and the direction department are standing with me. So I am not standing alone.”

The director wrote, “It’s topic for another day why it tanked and other things…I will be back very very soon, I am down but not out. I still stand by my open letter which I wrote when I started the film. If you care to read you can over here.”



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