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Cast: Ravi Teja, Malvika Sharma, Jagapati Babu
Director : Kalyan Krishna
Producer : Ram Talluri
Music: Shakthi Kanth Karthick
Dop : Mukesh G
Nela ticket Story:
CM Ananda Bhupathi (Sarath Kumar) is killed while returning from his son Aditya Bhupathi (Jagapathi Babu) sworn in ceremony as Home Minister. The reporter Gautami (Kaumudi) collects key evidence in the murder case.
On the other hand, Ravi teja is an orphan who make everyone happy around him. He shifts to Hyderabad and falls in love with Malavika (Malavika Sharma).
At the same time, Home Minister Aditya Bhupathi and Ravi Teja clashes with each other followed by unexpected events in later’s life.
What are those events and thier effect on Ravi Teja? What is the relationship between Ravi Teja and reporter Gautami? Forms the curx of the story.
Nela Ticket Review:
Nela Ticket is another routine comedy entertainer from Mass Maharaja. It is all about hero Ravi Teja giving tit for tat to the most corrupted Politician Bhupati (Jagapathi Babu). How hero triumphs over the politician is the plot of the movie. What is his flashback and how Bhupati is connected to Ravi Teja’s past and so on…
Sometimes familiar stories can be told with engaging screenplay. But Kalyan Krishna has completely failed in this regard. senior writer Satyanand did not help him in this flick. Though the movie has a good idea it is not served well in one’s platter. Post interval fight was good and second half could’ve been better and unnecessary melodrama could’ve been avoided.
Performances :
Story revolves round Ravi teja and Jagapathi Babu play characters. Ravi Teja lives upto expections but appears monotonous. Kaumudi has done well and did a commendable job. Heroine Malavika Sharma is like a kid next to Mass Raja and their Love Track is another minus point to the movie. She has a cute doll face but need to brush up her acting skills. Ravi Teja made the effort to keep the film up to him but failed miserably.
Director failed despondently in making a mass entertainer. His previous movies have been acclaimed very well at the box office. His negligence is clearly seen in the script and especially in editing prospects. Editing is one of the those factors which doomed the film. Shaktikanth music is terrible and Dop is average. Production values are good but unnecessary scenes could’ve been avoided to save the kiddy bank.
Bottom Line: Not Even Worth a Nela Ticket


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