Once again Allu Arjun Supports PK

Pawan Kalyan biggest strength is his family. Mega heroes all stand for him even ever he calls. It is proved when he took aggressive action against electronic media for pulling his family into Sri Reddy issue.

That not all Allu Arjun has contributed to Titli Cyclone affected people obeying his statements. The Titli has damaged several villages in the North Coastal region. People there are suffering from lack of drinking water. Observing this Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan requested everyone, including his family members, to contribute generously to improve the people living in the cyclone-affected villages.

Listening to that hero Allu Arjun offered financial help towards the setting up of a new mineral water plant in the Amalapadu village in Srikakulam district. The water plant will be inaugurated on February 14. People who are suffering from kidney related diseases will be offered free water at the water plant.


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