Padmaavat Full Movie Review, Rating


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Padmaavat Full Movie Review, Rating
Cast: Deepika Padukone, Ranveer Singh, Shahid Kapoor
Director: Sanjay Leela Bhansali
DOP: Sudeep Chatterjee
Editor: Rajesh G Pandey
Music: Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Sanchit Balhara
Banner: SLB Films, VIACOM
Amid controversies and all the hullabaloo, Padmavati name changed to Padmaavat has finally made it to screens. Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s historic film promises visual grandeur and extravagant entertainment ever since release of trailer. Let’s see how far the film lives up to it.
Padmaavat Review:
Take a bow Sanjay Leela Bhansali for withstanding every humiliation in presenting history honestly. The filmmaker literally takes us back into a period to witness that chronicles of our ancestors without which history would have been different. Padmaavat is that legendary tale that would make not just Rajputs but every Indian proud. The movie is masterpiece and epic in every proportion. Padmaavat is technically top-notch in every aspect. Production design, costumes, filming and the original score everything is on larger than life canvas. Performances of actors in the scrupulously designed characters make it an overwhelming cinematic experience.
Padmaavat educates how Rajputs abides by ethics and principles while invaders took advantage and cheated. The film also gives a glimpse of how Rajput women are revered as Padmaavati intervenes in state affairs and Ratan Singh respects her decisions while Khilji ill treats his wife. The invader is shown a coward often breaking the rules to win by hook or crook and erases the history for he did’t exist in it.
Padmaavat Story:
Padmaavati(Deepika), princess of Simhala meets Ratan Singh (Shahid), prince of Chittor while hunting in forest. Both fall in love and get married. Ratan Singh’s Rajguru intrudes couple’s private space and disturbs their intimate moment. He’s asked to leave kingdom as punishment for that.
At the same time, Allaudin Khilji, a cruel warrior and womanizer kills the king, declares himself emperor of Delhi after forcibly marrying princess Meher Unnisa (Aditi Rao Hydari). Rajguru who vows to take revenge on Ratan Singh meets Allaudin Khilji. In a bid to make him attack Chittor, Rajguru tells about Padmaavati’s exceptional beauty to drive him crazy over her. He also predicts that she will bring him luck to conquer the world.
Burning with lust for Padmaavati and power, Allaudin wages war against Chittor. He happens to meet Ratan Singh on invitation where he expresses his wish to see the queen and agrees for peace if fulfilled. For the sake of kingdom and to avoid loss of lives, Padmaavati convinces Ratan Singh and gives a glimpse of her reflection to Khilji. He feels insulted but invites Ratan Singh to his camp to experience their hospitality before leaving the kingdom.
However, Khilji cheats and kidnaps Ratan Singh to Delhi and puts him in prison. He sends a message to Padmaavati asking her to come to Delhi inorder to release Ratan Singh. Will Padmaavati accept Ratan Singh’s challenge? Will she goto Delhi for husband? Can she escape the evil clutches of Khilji? The spectacular show has to be watched on big screen
First half focuses more on establishing the cruel character of Allaudin Khilji. Romance and relationship between lead pair is concise. All this on a colossal scale with spellbinding visuals. Padmaavati’s character takes charge in second half. Her wisdom is more a beauty and on a hunch, she could behead miles away enemy. Audiences are kept engaged throughout with Bhansali mark drama and there are some surprises twists too. There are many adrenaline rushing and goose bump giving moments.
Cinematography is brilliant with a gloomy tone to the subjected despair at the same time showcasing the grandeur when required. Background score is haunting, the sound of melancholy surrounds. VFX is precise. There are no lavish battle sequences or great stunts in this more of a drama driven film. Production design is good at recreating 13th century era. The hardwork and research that went into making can be seen in every frame.
Ranveer Singh is impeccable as Allaudin Khilji, the way he displayed that vanity filled attitude and aggression. Deepika Padukone demands the space through her authoritative screen presence and reintroduces the iconic strong woman character ‘Padmaavati’ to the generations. Shahid Kapoor delivers subtle performance but speaks volumes just through his looks.
Padmaavat is history retold with excellent cinematic experience. Never thought history lessons could be this interesting. It is best possible way of presenting history in entertaining way without losing the soul. It is like travelling in time to witness our cultural heritage and overwhelm with pride. Not to be missed once in a lifetime experience.
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