Pawan Kalyan and Chandrababu Secret meeting ?

What the F?? Did Pawan Kalyan really meet Chandrababu Naidu? The Janasena chief who supported TDP in 2014 elections pulled out of the ruling party long back. He has been making scathing attack on CM, his son Lokesh and the party in every public meeting. In this wake, Pawan meeting Chandrababu is next to impossible, feel fans and followers.

Somedays back, Chandrababu said that he invited Pawan to join him in his fight against center in getting justice done to AP. TDP leader TG Venkatesh too vindicated CM’s comment. Pawan condemned them both strongly.

pawan kalyan chandrababu secret meeting

Opposition party has been alleging that Pawan has secret pact with TDP and that he is acting in the direction of Chandrababu. On Friday, Sakshi paper reports that Chandrababu Naidu and Pawan Kalyan met in a secret location and held talks about a possible alliance for the upcoming elections.

The report says that TDP offered 25 MLAs and 3 MPs to Janasena and Pawan agreed for it. Janasena strikes back saying that its YS Jagan’s mindgame to malign Pawan’s image as he just started his tour in Rayalaseema region. Nagababu gave strong counter that Pawan is not  factionist or a backstabber. Such gobels publicity can do no harm to honest leader like Pawan Kalyan.

“This glass tumbler is unbreakable one. Even if you break it somehow, each broken piece will become a weapon and cut your throats,” warned the mega bro.


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