PSV Garuda Vega Movie Review


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Cast: Rajasekhar, Pooja Kumar, Shraddha Das, Sunny Leone, Posani Krishna Murali,

Director: Praveen Sattaru

Music: Sricharan Pakala,Bheems Cecireleo

DOP: Anji

Producer: M Koteswara RajuMurali Srinivas

Banner:Jyo Star Enterprises

PSV Garuda Vega Story:

Sekhar (Rajasekhar), a NIA officer constantly nagged by his wife Swati (Pooja) for divorce as he neglects family. Sekhar offers resignation to the department and vows to spend more time with family. Incidentally, he gets into an high profile secret mission and takes it as his last one before resignation. He learns that political biggies to international mafia is involved in the crore worth scam as the mystery unfolds. How he connects the dots to reach the culprits and safeguards nations interests is all PSV Garuda Vega is all about.


The film has a tight screenplay. Its damn racy, especially till the interval. Opening of the film itself is made with thrilling chasing episode. Clarity in narration at consistent pace absorbs the audience. As the hero and his team intelligently map the events with clues on hand, it is well made to get involved. Though second half is equally engaging but as the mystery  unravels it leaves us wanting for something more exciting. Climax appears gone over the toss a bit. Investigating and interrogation patterns are well explored. Some flaws and logic loopholes go unnoticed with in the brisk pace.


Cinematography is brilliant in capturing the well scouted locations. PSV Garuda Vega has umpteen chasing episodes which are well shot. DOP Anji did a incredible job in giving the film Hollywood feel. Locations look terrific and wonder if it is made in India, boosting travel goals with additions bucket list. Background score is terrific, it further accelerates the pace of the film. PSV Garuda Vega being a action thriller only have two songs, one being an item number Deo Deo with sizzling Sunny Leone. Crisp editing also adds to the rapidity of the film.

Praveen Sattaru is sure to go a long way. He well executed it with natural treatment and simple detailing that made the scenes even more appealing and interesting.


Its a bang on comeback for Dr Rajasekhar. He delivers a subtle performance apt as an NIA officer like his glorious movies like Magadu and Ankusham. At the same time, he rubs his funny side as a henpecked husband. Pooja Kumar is good as innocent house wife, her role is pretty similar to the one she played in Viswaroopam. Shraddha Das has an interesting role of a investigating journalist. Adith Arun is decent as a hacker. Nasser and Posani Krishna Murali are as usual in their regular roles. Rajesekhar’s NIA team played by Ravi Varma and Charandeep are suitable.

Bottom-line: PSV Garuda Vega is a racy and arresting thriller!