Raa Raa Full Movie Review And Rating


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Cast  : Srikanth, Naziya, Seetha Narayana

Producer : M. Vijey

Music Director : Rap Rock Shakeel

Cinematographer : Poorna

Editor : Shankar

Raa Raa Story:

It is a story of a director Raj Kiran(Srikanth) who will be failing miserably at every project. He decides to do a horror comedy thriller movie and lands at an abandoned house. In a series of scenes he realises that the house is being haunted by ghosts. How he will treat the ghost? Will he complete the movie? To know what happens watch it in your nearest theatres from today!

RaaRaa Review:

We all know that the current trend of Tollywood is horror comedy thrillers. Audience and makers are bracing every movie in this genre if the script is good enough to entertain them. In this movie there is minimal script work delivered to audience with over the top comedy which irritates audience.   It is what the crux of the movie. The makers could have concentrated on script rather than silly comedy.


Evergreen actor Srikanth is known for his experimental projects are again back with another genre of film. Srikanth has done many roles till date, but it is his first horror comedy movie where he gave his best to the audience. Shakalaka shanker has also done his best to raise the film comedy. Other actors also have given their best performances. Heroine is not bad and could have been better with her expressions and timing.


The movie is good in its technical aspects. The production values are good could have been better. There few lapses in the characterisation. The screenplay is routine and you can expect what will be the next scene. Editing is Average and could have been better.

Bottom-Line: Insipid horror comedy


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