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Cast : Raj Tarun, Amyra Dastur, Rajendra Prasad
Director : Sanjana Reddy
Producers : Sunkara Ramabrahmam, Anil Sunkara
Music: Gopi Sunder
DOP : B. Rajasekar
Editors : M. R. Varma, Lakshman Reddy
Raju Gadu Story:
Raju (Raj Tarun) is a kleptomaniac, a person with longing to steal things. He finds it hard getaway from the bad habit despite being treated. His father (Rajendra Prasad) is upset with his antics. He falls in love at first sight with Tanvi(Amyra Dastur). She accepts his proposal but put a condition that has convince her grandfather (Nagineedu) if he wants to marry her.
Raju has to refrain from his stealing habit in his process to woo the old man while Anji(Rao Ramesh) creates hurdles. Will Raju succeeds in impressing Grandpa and winning Tanvi’s love
Raju Gadu Review:
Raju Gadu is a rom-com entertainer with lighter vein comedy. First half has got some fun moments showcasing hero’s stealing habit. Second half the film dampens with unnecessary deviations. Perhaps, comedy keeps the film lively.
However, some comedy scenes appear silly. Some episodes leave audience clueless. Logics are gone for a toss in climax. Emotional scenes and sentiment haven’t worked out. Terrorists coming out of the blue into the story is annoying. Setting aside story, the film is watchable for the entertainment with comedy working out in bits and pieces.
Raj Tarun nails it as kleptomaniac with his effortless comedy timing. He is also impressive in emotional scenes. Amyra Dastur looks a chic and gives a decent performance. Prudhvi’s comedy as a doctor is the highlight of the movie. Nagineedu and Rao Ramesh are apt in their roles.
Music by Gopi Sundar adds pep to this comedy entertainer. Couple of songs are hummable. Cinematography is good in presenting the movie in rich look and feel. Rural locations are captured well. Some witty dialogues evoke laughs. Sanjana Reddy is good at dealing comedy scenes, she could have concentrated on script for better debut.
Bottom-line: A time pass comedy


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