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Rangula Ratnam is the third Telugu film to release for the Sankranthi season. This film has Raj Tarun and Chitra Shukla in the lead roles. Written and directed by Shree Ranjanu, the film is produced by Annapurna Studios banner.
Cast: Raj Tarun, Chitra Shukla, Sithara
Director: Shree Ranjani
Music: Sricharan Pakala
Production House: Annapurna Studios
Rangula Ratnam Story:
Vishnu (Raj Tarun) is a carefree youngster, working in a greeting company. He shares friendly bonding with his single mom (Sithara). She is desperate to get Vishnu a good bride. Vishnu falls in love with Keerthy (Chitra Shukla) who is principled and strictly follows the rules. She works at an event management company. Keerthy is a year elder to Vishnu.
To woo Keerthy, Vishnu holds reunion of his college friends and keeps arranging every silly event for his friends for sake to meet Keerthy. One fine day Vishnu introduces Keerthy to his mother at the latter’s birthday party. His mother finally conveys Vishnu’s love to Keerthy. However, all of a sudden, Vishnu’s mother passes away leaving him alone. He opens about his love with Keerthy but she too leaves him and goes. How Vishnu and Keerthy reunite forms the plot.
The first half of the film is entertaining. Mother sentiment really works and scenes between Raj Tarun and Sithara will tickle the audience as they appear fresh. Also the episodes between the lead pair and Sithara are good. The second half has the conflict. But the director failed to show it in a convincing way and she takes her own sweet time and the climax looks bit dragged.
Hero Raj Tarun walks the talk in his role and though his performance appears to be some what routine, he pulls off. The real star of the film was, actress Sithara. After ‘Bhale Bhale Mogadivoyi’ she comes up with yet another entertaining role. Female lead Chitra Shukla is okay in her role while comedian Priyadarshi provides few laughs.
Music by Sricharan Pakala is let down. The songs are loud and none are catchy. The background music is adequate. The cinematography is the saving grace here. Coming to the director Shree Ranjani, her inexperience is quite evident. Sluggish screenplay and amateur direction are a big setback for the film. Production values by Annapurna Studios are poor and it’s shocking.
Bottom-line: Half Sentiment, Half Romance But None Fulfilling!


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