RGV’s C tweet on PM Modi decoded

Scrapping of Article 370 and 35A is being celebrated across the nation. Even some of the opposition leaders lauded the bold decision of Narendra Modi government. Film celebs too have been tweeting in favour. Will Ram Gopal Varma spare the moment?

The crazy director made his style inscrutable tweets leaving netizens go bonkers whether he tweeted in favour or criticizing it. One of his tweets were abusive towards both Indian PM and Pak PM. He used C and F words. Trollers have been blasting at RGV for his derogatory language at PM of the country. Complaint is also being filed against him.

However, Varma seems to be praising Modi in his cynical cuss words. Let us decode it for you. C used for Modi stands for ‘C*ck’ and the C used for Imran Khan stands for ‘C*nt’. And then he asks, “who had been F’ed by whom” is left to the imagination of both the countries’ netizens. Obviously, it is Modi as Imran is going berserk with officially inclusion of Kashmir in India. US Prez Donald Trump too said it is internal matter of India.

Imran is left  alone by world community. His mental state is such disturbed that he’s making war-monger ridiculous statements that Pulwama kind of attack is on cards. It would only be another round of “G*ng b*ng” for session Pak if they provoke India.


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