Rowdy Hero Donates Big Amount For Indian Brave Hearts

Vijay Deverakonda has condemned the coward act of Pakistan terrorist for attacking a CRPF van by a suicide bomber. The nation is grieving for the loss of brave hearts and yet giving their support to their families. As their part, the nation has joined hands in giving financial aid to the government and Tollywood hero Vijay Deverakonda has donated a huge amount to home ministry affairs. He also urged his fans to fund it and support the system.

“They protect our families.
We must stand by the families of our soldiers.
No contribution can be substantial for our soldiers’ lives, but we have to do our bit, I’ve done mine.
Together let’s Contribute, together we will create a support system.” wrote Vijay Deverakonda.
The rowdy hero is a happening star of Tollywood and Kollywood. He is the top 10 most desirable man in a poll conducted by Chennai Times lately.


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