Secret Trains increase Lockdown Fear!

A special train to transport migrants stranded by the nationwide lockdown left Telangana for Jharkhand at around 4.30 am on Friday, May 1st carrying 1,200 people from Lingampally station in Hyderabad to Jharkhand’s Hatia district. The 24-coach train, which usually seats 72 people in a compartment, contained only 54 people in each in accordance with social distancing guidelines. All passengers were also screened for symptoms of Corona virus before being allowed to board.

narendra modi guntur meeting

Another such train is scheduled to depart Kerala’s Ernakulam at 6 pm for Bhubaneshwar in Odisha. Railways and the government are maintaining this as low key affair to avoid overcrowding and panic situation like it happened in Mumbai.

Apparently, center wants to move migrants before lockdown ends on May 3. PM Narendra Modi will be addressing nation today. Everybody’s fearing that he could announce extension of lockdown in the redzone areas as listed here in previous post. He is also expected to announce lockdown relaxation strategy.




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