Seetha Ramuni Kosam Movie Review


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Cast: Sharath Sreerangam, Karunya, Anil Gopireddy

Director: Anil Gopireddy

Producers: Shilpa Sreerangam, Dan Nandan & Sarita

Music: Anil Gopireddy

Cinematographer: Jayapaul Reddy

Editor: Sai Thuluri


Seetha(Karunya Chowdary) and her daughter’s spirits haunt a house belonging to a parasychologist Vikrant (Sarath). The ghosts actually seek his help. Vikranth has to find out their past, solve their problems in material world and help them liberate from here.


Seetaramuni Kosam is paranormal thriller. The concept has got some novelty in it but the narration is very routine. Film takes convenient time to get into the actual story testing the patience. The first half has many lags and is predictable. The film picks pace from pre-climax and ends on an impressive note. Emotional flashback episode is appealing. However, it is hard to sit through all the regular and not so exciting proceedings.


Sarath delivers a decent performance as parapsychologist. Karunya Chowdary reflects the melancholy in the miserable role, she’s the right choice. Tagubothu Ramesh’s comedy appears forcibly inserted and doesn’t tickle a bit.


Lethargic narration and direction killed the exciting point in the storyline. It ends up another routine thriller. DOP Jaipal Reddy needs a special mention for his creative cinematographpy. Background score and couple of songs are also impressive.

Bottom-line: Seetha Ramuni Kosam – another silly attempt at horror-comedy


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