Sushma Swaraj: An epitome of empowerment

Those who were gleeful with fashionista MPs entering Loksabha only recently ranting it as women empowerment need to know that Sushma Swaraj first became MP at the age of 25 more than forty years back. She was an NCC cadet at 10 yrs of age, was joined by her father, an RSS leader. Sushma Swaraj won as MP for 7 times.

She’s a epitome of women empowerment. Those who think outfits decide empowerment should know she did all this being a symbol of Indianess with Bindhi and Sindoor.  She was the second women to become external affairs minister after Indira Gandhi.

Sushma Swaraj left her mark as minister airlifting lakhs of Indians suffering abroad. One and all hailed her tenure to be a help that is just a tweet away. Sushma’s passing away is huge loss not just to BJP but also to the nation. Her last tweet too resonates her patriotism and nationalist ideology.


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