T-Govt passes resoulution against Uranium Mining

Telangana Assembly passes unanimous resolution urging the central government to withdraw the proposal of uranium mining in Nallamala forest. Minister KTR moved the government resolution in Legislative Assembly. On Sunday, KTR clarified that Telangana government hasn’t given permission for uranium mining in Nallamala region and will never allow. He iterated that CM KCR is a nature lover and so is against deforestation. KTR said that government has agreed for exploration for Uranium reserves but not mining.

Today, T-Govt passed resolution appealing center to withdraw proposal of uranium mining in Nallamala and the resolution has been unanimously passed by the legislation. Now, the ball is in the court of central government. Congress government first proposed uranium mining in Nallamala in 2009. BJP government proposed it again now as uranium is useful as rocket fuel and in nuclear weapons.


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