TDP Leader’s WhatsApp Banned!

There have been incidents where celebrities and politicians mobile phones are hacked but for the first time a politician’s whatsApp has been banned by the instant messenger app company.

Telugu Desam MP CM Ramesh reported an issue that whatsapp has stopped working for quite some time.

Usually, whatsapp monitors and bans someone who violatest their policies. Spamming by sending too many messages, Sending hoaxes, spreading rumours, submitting links with malware, posting porn, unlawful, obscene, defamatory, threatening, harassing, hateful, racially or ethnically offensive material.

The TDP politician wrote an email to whatsApp asking for an explanation and reasons for banning his messenger.

Replying to his mail the company has claimed that he is banned from using the messenger over crossing the norms the company and they received many complaints on it. They also said for the sake of user’s privacy, it can’t reveal information who has complained against him.

Taking the action seriously, Ramesh alleges that BJP government is behind these acts and called Narendra Modi’s rule a tyranny. He further added that Center is spying on him in view of the upcoming elections.


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