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Tej I love You Full Movie Review And Rating
Tej is happy-go-lucky student struggling to pass engineering. He helps his sister to elope with her boyfriend and gets estranged from his family and village by his Pedananna (Jaya Prakash). London girl Nandini (Anupama) is on India trip against her dad’s will to fulfill her mother’s last wish.
She’s in search of a boy who saved her mother way back and to donate him a property as gratitude. Nandini tricks Tej in helping him in her quest. He falls in love with her. By the time Nandini reciprocates, she meets with an accident and loses memory since her landing in India, so doesn’t recognize Tej leaving him heartbroken.
Her dad enters the scene and finds it right time to take her back to London without having to donate the property to the boy. What does Tej do to make Nandini recollect her memories? Will he ever be welcomed by Pedananna and family? Will Nandini be able to find the boy and fulfill her mother’s last wish? Curious to find out the answers.. watch Tej I Love You in theaters.
Tej I Love You is a rom-com of typical Karunakaran style. It’s a mishmash of director’s previous flicks like Ullasamga Utsahamga, Darling and Tholiprema. Certain episodes and scenes in the film give a déjà vu feel. First half is entertaining with some funny moments. Lead pair hoodwinking each other with crazy pranks is comical. The film gets serious from interval.  Couple of back stories unfold in second half which are predictable and hence unexciting. Hero and his buddies play silly prank to help heroine regain memory restores comedy. Outdated village story and redundant scenes between lead pair test patience till the climax.
Sai Dharam Tej displays chill attitude apt to the nonchalant role. At the same time he’s good at emotional scenes as a lover and family guy. Anupama Parameswaran is bubbly and her chemistry with Supreme hero is cool. It would have been better if she dubbed for herself. Harsha Chemudu and bunch of friends add to the comedy. Prudhvi and Surekha are inappropriate as parents.
Tej I Love You is rich in making with peppy music and colourful visuals. However, certain episodes lack intended depth due to poor camera work and dull background score. Repeated scenes could have been avoided with crisp editing.
Bottom-line: Reiterated rom-com family drama
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