Zomato and Uber uninstalled for Hypocrisy

Religious bigotry is to level in our country that even mobile apps are victims to it. Food delivery apps have been boon in busy cities. Foodies relish their favorite dishes by few taps on mobile without commuting in heavy traffic. Perhaps, these apps are now target of religious fanatics. It all started with a guy who cancelled an order with Zomato for sending non-Hindu delivery guy and threatened to uninstall the app. Zomato team rightly responded quoting “Food doesn’t have religion. It is a religion.”

However, Zomato is being ripped off by for its hypocrisy. Rightists questioned if food doesn’t have religion how could the same Zomato endorse “Halal” meat. The memes in circulation on social media carried an old tweet of Zomato apologizing a Muslim customer for failing to provide “Halal” meat.

On the flipside, a Muslim woman has cancelled her Uber ride as the cab arrived carried “Angry Hanuman” sticker.

Right wing activists have given a call to boycott Zomato and Uber. They say its not a fight against individuals or two companies but its fight against hypocrisy of all institutions and business houses and flaunting it as a fashion statement. Many have been uninstalling both the apps.

On lighter note, Swiggy and Ola must be dancing in joy as their competitions are in trouble.


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