Aa Okkati Adakku Movie Review

Starring: Allari Naresh, Faria Abdullah, Vennela Kishore, Jamie Lever, Viva Harsha, Ariyana Glory, and others

Director: Malli Ankam

Producer: Rajiv Chilaka

Music Director: Gopi Sundar


Ganapathi (Allari Naresh), a government officer, has been on a quest for marriage for years. Joining Happy Matrimony, he encounters Sidhi (Faria Abdullah). Despite Ganapathi’s aspirations, Sidhi doesn’t reciprocate. However, a startling truth about Sidhi unfolds, revealing her true identity and potentially altering Ganapathi’s quest for a life partner.

Plus Points:

Allari Naresh showcases his comedic prowess, delivering a commendable performance.
Faria Abdullah impresses with her portrayal of a complex character.

Supporting actors like Vennela Kishore, Harsh Chemudu, and Jamie Lever contribute significantly to the film’s humor.

The movie reflects modern family dynamics and societal expectations surrounding marriage.

Minus Points:

The film’s focus on delivering a message overshadows its comedic elements, missing opportunities for humor.

The shift towards serious themes in the second half may not engage audiences as effectively.

Certain characters could have been utilized better for emotional depth, and the climax feels forced.

Pacing issues and average songs weaken the overall impact.

Technical Aspects:

Director Malli Ankam’s attempt to blend comedy with a social message is commendable but lacks finesse in screenplay execution.

Dialogues by Abburi Ravi lack punch, and editing by Chota K Prasad leaves room for improvement.

The cinematography and music meet acceptable standards, but pacing issues hinder the film’s flow.


“Aa Okkati Adakku” offers moments of humor and a relevant social message. While the ensemble cast entertains, the execution falls short. Pacing issues and a lackluster climax may disappoint viewers. It’s recommended to manage expectations before watching.