Bad News For Celebrities From Twitter!

Tollywood is bitten by social media bug. Celebs are carried away by the idea of number of followers and likes on their social networking pages. Fan wars have also shifted to this medium. Trailers clocking highest number of views are being seen as the status and stamina of their favourite heroes. Trending hashtags of movies on Twitter is also part of this game.  Oflate, Celebs having a verified account has been considered a status symbol.

Here’s a bad news for those celebs who haven’t got their accounts verified. Reportedly, Twitter has stopped verifying accounts. The micro-blogging site has taken this decision as they received complaints that miscreants are misusing verified accounts. Recently, an American white supremacist named Jason Kessler has organized a protest in which a participant had died.

Apparently, he called mass public through his verified account. People have been believing accounts with tick mark and blindly following the information passed on in such accounts. So, complainants feel that it will be hazard to the society. Twitter has suspended verifications for time being in this regard. However, Celebs can rejoice the site’s decision to increase the character limit to 288 from 144!