I will invite you to my marriage, says Renu Desai

Renu Desai raked controversy saying she is considering second marriage in an interview given to a news channel recently. The actress cum filmmaker had to face the flak from Pawan fans for her statement. While some fanatics urged her not to marry again as they consider her as ‘Vadhina’ and that she would lose respect if she does so, others went to the extent of abusing and threatening her. Renu strongly condemned this misogynist mindset and expressed her anguish through her social networking page. Click here to read her note to the Pawan Kalyan fans.

Renu once again opined her thoughts on her marriage in the dance show ‘Neethone Dance’. Desai being a judge for the dance show got emotional with a couples dance performance, commenting to their performance she stated that “the couple had revoked belief on love once again; and I had fallen in love with love again…. If I get married I will invite you to my wedding .“ This is second time that Renu Desai has outspoken her opinion on marriage. It has to be seen how PK fans would react to her comments.