My Everyday Hero Hakim: Pawan Kalyan

All we know that Power Star Pawan Kalyan was awarded the IEBF Award at the Global Business Summit in London two days ago. He tweeted on Sunday about a guy named Hakim, who is from Bangladesh. Pawan snapped at London alongside Hakim and this pic has been posted by Pawan on his Twitter page. He expressed his views on him with a series of tweets.

My Everyday Hero Hakim: Pawan Kalyan

He tweeted: “Every time I visit London, Mr. Hakim helps chauffeur me around. Sri. Hakim hails from Bangladesh and settled in London with family, generations back. He never uttered a word other than regular greetings in all these years. But yesterday he advised me that in my political journey, I should never forget to give importance to women safety & domestic abuse issues and taking care of senior citizens. He wanted me to make sure that these be given utmost importance, which I agreed.”

He again tweeted: “His reverence for Gandhiji deeply touched my heart. Being a devout Muslim and having visited Mecca recently, he said: “No religion teaches violence and abusing women”. These words of wisdom came from a life lived against hardships, going thru trails & tribulations of life. In the social sphere, we may take individuals like them for granted. But for me they are teachers who teach what magnanimity & generosity of spirit should be!”

He concluded: “An everyday hero is a person of integrity with all a will of compassion to serve others. A person who demonstrates an honest faith when the odds are stacked against them serves as a hero. Someone who validates life while in suffering and teaches others to do the same are considered heroes.”

However, Pawan Kalyan went back to Hyderabad this morning and fans welcomed him grandly at Rajiv Gandhi International Airport.