Next Enti Short Film Getting Huge Response


Next Enti – Short Film

Next Enti – A recently released short film which is trending on YouTube now. It seems that its cast & crew are very passionate about filmmaking and acting as they made it as a dream project. With concern of encouraging new talent, we took the chance to talk with Miss. Varsha Chowdary about her work as an actress and about the beautiful film.

Tell us about yourself

I’m Varsha Chowdary born in Nadigama and brought up in Hyderabad. I work for Amazon as a program manager.

What was the reaction of your family, friends & relatives after watching the film?

We have been receiving overwhelming response from my friends and family. They are very much happy & i’m receiving lot of messages and calls.And i wanna thank director for choosing me in the role of Aishu

What made you to act in this “Next Enti”?

To be frank with you I have no clue about the short films and acting. Although I told them I have no idea about acting they wanted me to do it and said I will be given all the support needed to face the camera. “Just be yourself” is the word that made me to say “Yes” for this project.

What’s your first opinion when you heard this script?

When I initially heard the story line, I thought it was something different to be attempted and I liked it.

Describe the role you play in the film

I played the role Aiishu in the film. She is very upbeat, energetic and simple cute looking college going girl who falls in in love with a guy who is desperate to become famous.

How is working with director?

Srikanth is a very talented person and it was absolutely fun working with him. 

How many days you worked for this film & what was the feeling when you are in first day of shoot?

I worked for 5 days and we had to cancel the shoot on my first day as it was raining. Although it was my first time facing camera I felt comfortable as the role itself portrays my real life character. I don’t have to put in efforts to act because I was told “Just be yourself” and I did that. The girl Aiishu you see on screen is just me.

Tell us about director & co-actors?

Director- Srikanth Vavilala- A talented person, passionate about films. I’m sure he will become the best dialogue writer in future.

Cinematographer- Vikas Chikkballapur- What should I say about this guy? You guys will understand the effort he has put in on the screen. Despite of all the technical issues during our shoot and post production this guy has managed to give us the best output. Little lazy person but his dedication is outstanding.

Friend Role- Saiteja Karedlla- Fantastic with his spontaneity. He brought fun at shoot locations. His interest towards cinema can is never ending. He has been acting as a main lead for other short films and has done a fantastic job.

Main Lead- Sandeep Kadime- Well I don’t know what to say about this person. A very energetic person, passionate about films and a hard working personality. His dedication levels and commitment towards a project is outstanding. He was the one who has narrated the script to me and gave me total support during the shoot. Without his encouragement I’d have never made it. We met as a stranger and became good friends in the process of shoot.

Overall I do not have words to talk about my team. All that I can say is thanks for bearing me during shoots and I really wish you guys have a bright future ahead in this industry. Bapatla shoot was the most memorable schedule overall because we shared beautiful moments with each other.

What was the reaction of your family when you accept the role in this film?

When I initially told them about the short film shoot they thought I was joking. But then it was all done in 10 days. My family always encourages me to do new things in life. As long as I don’t ditch my professional career they are okay with it.

Tell us about your future projects?

I haven’t planned entering into industry. I’ve been receiving many offers from other short film directors off late but right now I’m more oriented towards my professional growth at Amazon.

Thanks for the time, all the best for your future endeavours.