Pushpa actor gets arrested

Jagadeesh rose to prominence as Keshava alongside Allu Arjun in Sukumar’s “Pushpa Part 1: The Rise.” Additionally, he starred in the lead role in the Aha original film, “Satti Gaani Rendekaralu.” However, recent events have cast a shadow over his career.

Actor Jagadish,Pushpa ఫ్రెండ్ 'కేశవ' బ్యాక్ గ్రౌండ్.. నాలుగేళ్ల కష్టమంటోన్న  వరంగల్ కుర్రాడు - keshava fame jagadish background from allu arjun pushpa  movie - Samayam Telugu

A case has been lodged against Jagadeesh at the Panjagutta police station concerning a woman’s tragic suicide. It’s alleged that he took intimate photos of a junior artist involved with another man and subsequently used these images to threaten her, warning her to share them on social media. Arrested by the Panjagutta police for his involvement in these threats, Jagadeesh was presented before the court on Wednesday.

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Reportedly, Jagadeesh took pictures of the woman on the 27th of last month and began harassing her, leading to her tragic decision to end her life on the 29th. Following the incident, Jagadeesh absconded, prompting a police search. It’s been disclosed that Jagadeesh had a previous acquaintance with the woman.

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While Jagadeesh gained recognition for his supporting roles in films like “Mallesham,” “George Reddy,” and “Palasa 1978,” his career took a hit due to these distressing allegations. His association with Sukumar’s “Pushpa” had previously been a significant milestone in his acting journey.