Rajasekhar Caught In Drunk And Drive Case

Senior hero Rajasekhar was caught in drunk and drive case. The actor was booked for rash driving and hitting a car on the PVNR Express highway on Sunday night. Police conducted breathe analyzer test on Rajasekhar and found that he was drunk more than permissable limit. Apparently, he was in inebriated state. Cops took his car away. Reportedly, Rajasekhar also was taken to police station. His wife Jeevitha came to station to take him home. Rajasekhar will have to attend court for hearing.

As known, drunk and drive is considered serious offence as per latest traffic rules introduced this year. The violater will be issued 3 points and he may be  punishable of imprisonment for a term which may extend to six months. If the offence is committed thrice he will lose his license and land in jail for long term. Rajasekhar is currently awaiting release of his upcoming movie ‘PSV Garuda Vega 126.18M’. The film is set to hit screens on November 3.