Samantha suffers from a rare disease

Actress Samantha Ruth who is busy with several projects has revealed shocking revelations about her health recently. Ever since Samantha flew to America, there were several speculations about her health and finally, she broke silence on the same. The actress who is all set to thrill with the upcoming Yashoda had revealed some shocking facts about her health.

Samantha took to social media and wrote, “A few months back I was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition called Myositis. I was hoping to share this after it had gone into remission. But it is taking a little longer than I hoped. I am slowly realizing that we don’t always need to put up a strong front. Accepting this vulnerability is something that I am still struggling with. The doctors are confident that I will make a complete recovery very soon. I have had good days and bad days¦. physically and emotionally¦. and even when it feels like I can’t handle one more day of this, somehow that moment passes. I guess it can only mean that I am one more day closer to recovery.”


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