Stage set for Nandamuri Mokshagnya’s debut?

For nearly a decade, there’s been constant talk about Nandamuri Balakrishna’s son Mokshagnya entering the film industry. His first appearance with his father, Balakrishna, got people wondering when he’d start acting. Rumors connected him with famous directors, and some doubted if he was interested in acting. But Balakrishna always said his son would soon join Tollywood.

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In a recent statement, Balakrishna confirmed again that Mokshagnya will start his acting career this year. Also, it’s been said that director Boyapati Sreenu has made a special role for Mokshagnya in the new movie ‘Akhanda 2.’ Since Boyapati and Balakrishna’s previous movies did well, people are expecting ‘Akhanda 2’ to be a big hit too.

Balakrishna opens up about Mokshagna's acting debut

The buzz about Mokshagnya’s debut started when Balakrishna discussed it in 2017. There were even discussions about Balakrishna directing his son, maybe in a sequel to ‘Aditya 369.’ Fans of the Nandamuri family believe Mokshagnya can handle the challenges of starting in movies.

Balakrishna confirms Mokshagna's Debut

While some children of famous stars have struggled in the film industry, supporters of Nandamuri Mokshagnya are positive about his promising journey in movies. The coming days will reveal more about his highly anticipated debut, adding to the already impressive legacy of the Nandamuri family in entertainment.

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