Why are you neglecting mega family?

'Mega Family Heroes Dandayatra!'

Bunny Vasu is upset by the Nandi awards and back fired on the government over their disparity in the allotment of awards. He said, they never gave preference to the mega family, who generate half of the revenue to the government by films and they are not given any importance by jury members. He also gave an explanation to justify his statement he said, “In 2014, ‘Loukyam’ got the ‘Best Wholesome Film’ award, but isn’t ‘Race Gurram’ an entertaining film? Which film collected more at the box office?

If ‘Race Gurram’ is a commercial movie, what is ‘Loukyam’ then?” ‘Race Gurram’ was not given an award saying it was a commercial movie by jury members. In his conclusion he said “I don’t have grudge against anyone, but these awards are not just right. Over the past three years, all mega heroes scored several big hits, haven’t they give best acting performances? The jury is not right’’.