Why is Mahesh Babu angry with Thaman?

Mahesh Thaman
Mahesh Thaman

Mahesh Babu has expressed his dissatisfaction with Thaman’s music score for his upcoming movie “Guntur Karam.” The issue goes beyond a mere difference in musical taste as Mahesh has also been frustrated by the amount of time Thaman has invested in the project.

When the film with Trivikram started, Mahesh initially declined Thaman’s involvement due to his perceived lack of commitment. However, Trivikram managed to convince him by assuring him that he would handle the situation and ensure Thaman’s dedication to the film.
Ironically, Trivikram himself has been occupied with multiple projects, leaving Mahesh feeling neglected.

Moreover, Thaman has been preoccupied with his own work, resulting in delays and a failure to deliver tunes that meet the required standard and timeline.
Adding to Mahesh’s disappointment, the title announcement track of “Guntur Kaaram” received negative feedback from fans. This further exacerbated his concerns. Despite his discontent, Mahesh has been suppressing his feelings.

Just three days before the release of the “Guntur Kaaram” Mass Strike on YouTube, an incident took place in New Jersey that heightened Mahesh Babu’s disappointment with Thaman, according to sources. Representatives of an event in New Jersey gave an interview stating that Thaman made Ghattamaneni Adiseshagiri Rao, a senior chief guest of the evening, wait for two and a half hours before coming on stage, which was perceived as an insult.

Sources suggest that this incident may have aggravated Mahesh Babu, especially considering that Adiseshagiri Rao is a member of his family. It is worth noting that one action can lead to a chain of events, similar to the butterfly effect.