Auctioning Filmfare trophy was an instinctive thought: Vijay Devarakonda

Telugu film actor Vijay Devarakonda, who has plans to auction the Filmfare Awards trophy that he won for his work in “Arjun Reddy” earlier this month, says it was an instinctive idea to do something good for the people of Andhra Pradesh.

Vijay is never short of ideas on how to extend the boundaries of his stardom. On his birthday, Vijay had came up with the clever idea of distributing ice cream to all his fans and well wishers all over Hyderabad. And now, it’s an auction of his award to contribute to the Chief Minister’s relief fund.

“Why did I do it? Why have I decided to auction my trophy? There’s no major thought going behind it. Nor did I plot and plan before doing it. It was just an instinctive thought, ‘Why not use this wonderful opportunity to do good for the people of Andhra Pradesh?’

“I acted spontaneously… Just as I acted when I decided to take a fan along to the Filmfare Awards with me. I just wanted to make it more memorable for me. Instead of the trophy just lying on my shelf, I thought its life will be longer and also mean more if I could auction is for a cause I believe in. It’s also a nice story to tell my grandkids someday.” Vijay said.

The video of Vijay and his fan Prashant twinning in identical suits at the Filmfare Awards went viral.

Auctioning the award trophy was not the only thought that occurred to Vijay when he received the award.

“I wanted to dedicate my award to my ‘Arjun Reddy’ director Sandeep Vanga who made it possible for me to get into this character. The role had been offered to many other far more successful actors, and rejected. That it came finally came to me is my good fortune.”IANS


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