Babu Gogineni true colours are out in Biggboss house

BiggBoss house is exposing the true colours of the contestants. In every task one or the other contestant is showcasing their nature. Now, the most diplomatic player Babu also couldn’t control himself from the good mask.
In captaincy task Babu Gogineni has poured water on Deepti with or without his knowledge his bucket has touched her and she was out of the task, later Kaushal pushed Amit and Samrat with a mop on the basis of Babu theory.
Captian Geetha later was explaining what Babu has is exposed like he wasn’t supporting Deepti. Gogineni was supporting Deepti in the captaincy task but as she is the weakest in the game he targetted her first; as to put an end to the game. When Geetha was making him understand what was done he turned on to her for making an issue over an unnecessary topic.
The interesting point is Babu Gogineni is one among those who understood Geetha Madhuri, he also supported her when she contested for the first time in the captaincy task, but now the same person is against her! Is this just because she talks to Kaushal or something else.


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