Balakrishna gets AK 47!

Bollywood hero Sanjay Dutt was jailed for years for having held with AK 47 machine gun. Well, that has nothing to do with our story. Nandamuri Balakrishna is one Telugu hero who has got licensed gun. Remember he allegedly shot at Bellamkonda Suresh and an astrologer long back? He had been trolled calling ‘Shooting Star’ for that.

Of late, Balayya has fastened his belt and zooming away with back to back films since his 100th film. He is currently busy with NTR biopic which will be ready by Sankranthi as Krish is on board. Balayya is teaming up VV Vinayak decade and half after the combo’s Chenna Kesava Reddy released.

As per the buzz, the mass action entertainer will be titled as AK 47! Full-form being Andhra King. Vinayak only knows what 47 means. Certainly, it’s not the age like in Kumari 21F.

‘Andhra King’ sounds good but its not relevant to these times especially after bifurcations of the state. Balayya enjoys good fan following in Telangana as well.

Calling his film as Andhra King would hurt sentiments of T state audiences and will limit the film’s box-office prospects, apparently. It would be better if Vinayak titles it as ‘Telugu King’. What say guys?



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