Balayya fans tear Janasena banners, beat PK fans

TDP and Janasena fans created ruckus on Vijayawada roads on the eve of New Year. Pawan Kalyan fans rallied with Janasena banners late in the night raising slogans like ‘CM Pawan Kalyan’. Balakrishna fans tore Janasena banners, they raised ‘Jai Balayya’ slogans and beat PK fans. It appeared as if gangwar.

Police had to interfere and clear the mob. Pawan and Balakrishna have attacked each other in their political meetings and rallies. Fans who have been waiting for their turn to attack seem to have found New Year celebrations as right platform to show their anger. Recently, Nagababu claiming that he doesn’t know who Balakrishna is, also adds to the fans fury.


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