Bhartha Ane Nenu Bharisthunanu…


Feminism and women empowerment are two words which we hear every now and then. One majorly notice these words at a heated debate at Radio or TV channel. In the battle for the real cause of Feminism and Women Empowerment, somewhere the real essence has been diluted by the politicians and few activists.

However, to a certain fact, women are building their image in urban society, but how far they are taking these opportunities for their betterment is the question remained unanswered.

On the other hand, women have misinterpreted these words. There are series of incidents where women kill their own husband or finance to take forward their illicit affair or somehow connected with crimes to justify their deeds.

Feminism and women empowerment will be achieved by women in rural areas when they overcome the taboos and misconceptions. Here is a satirical take on husband and wife relationship inspired by Bharath Ane Nenu that is trending on social media.

However, it is not surprising to comprehend men schemes on their wife’s to show their diversity as husband and wife.


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