Big Boss Morning Masala Updates

Big Boss Good and Bad task is creating barriers between the contestants. The strong contenders and good friends Tejaswi and Tanish had a verbal clash while performing the task last night.
There is a Big Boss live telecast i.e morning masala and midnight masala. In today’s’ morning masala live streaming everyone in the Good team of the house are upset with the contestants who are on the Bad side.
As per the video, it seems like Tejaswi, Geetha, Bhanu and others team players had a physical combat in order to win the task. Deepthi, Tanish and Nandini and others have badly injured in the task.
Meanwhile, Geetha had an argument with Captain Kaushal over a bathroom usage. Geetha,Amit, and Samrat discuss their strategies in winning the task. Geetha says no one should feel guilty of what had been done.
Let’s see what happened in the show? why they had a combat and what Geetha guilty is speaking about not being guilty? we shall see in the upcoming episode.


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