BigBoss: Amit cracks Egg on Ganesh's head

Amit is one of the coolest contestants in BigBoss house so far, but in the recent promo released by BigBoss unit shows the second face of Amit.
In nomination task, the couple should lock themselves in handcuffs and with mutual consent, one contestant should relief themselves from handcuffs, The one who bears handcuffs will be nominated for this week’s eliminations.
One among the couples, Ganesh and Deepthi have locked themselves. While the couple was in the bathroom, Amit comes and cracks an egg on Ganesh’s head and asks Deepthi to relieve herself. Along with that Amit says “I don’t like Ganesh and you will see my second side from today.” Disturbed by Amit harsh behaviour Ganesh cries over.
Is Amit giving a serious warning to Ganesh or is that a secret task will know in today’s episode.


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