Brett Lee Says He Feels So Welcomed in India

Former Australian pacer Brett Lee, who is a popular face on Indian television, Shared his experience on the Skincare awareness programme and also how Indians receives him every time. He says he always feels “so welcomed” in India which has accepted him “as part of its own”.

“Every time I come to India, I feel like I am a part of this beautiful country. I feel so welcomed. India has accepted me as part of its own, which I am so humble and so grateful for.”

Talking about skin care he said,”People are increasingly looking out to take care of their skin. When people use sunscreen, they think they are protecting themselves from skin cancer. Yes, you are. But you are also blocking out the good stuff that your body needs.

“This epidemic of people being obese, overweight and unhealthy needs to change. If everyone remains indoors and does not step out and breathe fresh air, take in a bit of sunlight… their body will not be physically fit. It’s like charging the battery for your phone. If we don’t go out and charge our bodies with natural sunlight, we’re going to end up with Vitamin D deficiency.”

Skin awareness, he said, is “extremely important”, and something he was taught as a child. Now he hopes to spread awareness about it.


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