Chinmayi Raises Voice Over sexism Memes

Singer Chinmayi Sripada who is one of the brave and bold girls who won’t tolerate any nonsense. She is one of those few who spoke about harassment by the fellow industry men and supported #Metoomovement widely in South India. Now once again the actress has raised voice on sexism and said that isn’t cool.

Chinmayi Raises Voice Over sexism Memes
Chinmayi Raises Voice Over sexism Memes

The 10 years challenge is the most happening on the internet where celebs and individuals are sharing how they were 10 years back and now. However, the challenge turned out funny down the line by trolling celebs and comparing with unusual stuff. In one of the memes, Priyanka holding a baby and Nick Jonas in one frame is going viral which meant she married the same child after 10 years.

This singer Chinmayi has raised voice on this, “Anyone see how mean this meme is?This is a country where men marry women 25 years their junior, elsewhere in the world 60 year olds marry children and no one bats an eyelid. A woman marries someone younger and it is a meme in a 10 year challenge. Casual sexism ain’t cool.” wrote Singer Chinmayi.

On the other hand she lashed out how idiosyncratic people are where they can speak at their will and yet celebs have to treat them with polite words to stop further blabbering.


She also shared how she is being threatened via social media bloggers.








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