Comedian’s ‘loose’ talk might land him in trouble

Shakalaka Shankar

June 29th is going to be a crucial day for comedian ‘Shakalaka’ Shankar as his debut film as hero ‘Shambo Shankara’ is hitting the screens. Though the trailer and promos looked like typical commercial entertainer, Shankar is heard to be super confident of the film’s success.

However, there is something else that might disturb Shankar. It’s his ‘loose’ talk the pre-release function. ‘Shakalaka’ Shankar revealed that he approached big people in the industry to invest in his maidan film as hero and also disclosed their names. Indirectly Shankar has mocked the likes of ‘Dil’ Raju, Trivikram, Ravi Teja and Allu Sirish.

His speech has now become the talk of the town in the industry while quite a few are wondering, how come Shankar spoke so boldly.


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