Fans Disappointed by Big Boss

Big Boss telephone task has been the most disappointing episode for the spectators and as well as for fans.There are tasks from Big Boss Hindi and presented similarly in Big Boss Telugu Season 2 which is also disappointing fans over Big Boss team lack of creativity.
Raising doubts about the reliability on the show Big Boss memes are going viral all over for their silly tasks given for contestants in the last episode.
The task assigned to Deepthi of self-nominating Kaushal for the whole season is raising doubts on the credibility of BigBoss show. Giving intensity to these doubts fans were deeply disappointed by the tasks of Tanish, Tejaswi, and Samrat as they are absurd and evidently clear on the point of saving these contestants from this week nominations.
Sunday episode also raised many doubts on the show as no one guessed Shymala would be eliminated.Let’s see who will be out of this show this week as Bhanu, Ganesh, and Deepthi are in nominations list.


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