Gayatri Movie Public Talk

Mohan Babu Gayatri
Mohan Babu’s ‘Gayatri’ releases today. The film is carrying positive buzz. As per public talk, Gayatri is  wholesome family entertainer with emotionally touching moments. Reports are quite good from US premieres. Morning shows have been housefull in most of theaters.
Mohan Babu’s menacing screen presence and explosive dialogues are the asset of the film. There are several hard-hitting dialogues mouthed by Mohan Babu targeting the political leaders. “Rightu Leftu Teliyanodu Ravana Mantri, BComlo Physics chadivina MLAlu, Pramanasweekaramlo Sarvabhowma Analeka Bowbow Anna MPlu Manalni Paalisthunnaru,” is one such controversial dialogue in the film. Vishnu Manchu and Shriya look adorable as pair.
Anasuya’s has significant role as investigative reporter. Nikhila Vimal is apt as Mohan Babu’s daughter.
S Thaman’s music is another highlight of the movie. All the songs are melodious and haunt you for long time. Engrossing screenplay good production values the film will appeal to B & C audience as well. Stunt choreography is too good. Mohan Babu shows his relentless vigour.
Gayatri is perfect weekend film for entire family to watch together.


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