Geetha Stands for Kaushal In BigBoss

Big Boss Angels and Demons task is splitting groups in the house. While Kaushal tries to pluck the apple from the tree, Bhanu felt Kaushal has touched her private part and so she raised her voice against him.
Supporting Bhanu, Tejaswi took over Kaushal’s character and his behavior with girls. Upset with the demeaning of characters and personalities Geetha has turned against their team members and explained what happened while performing the task. Geetha said, “He intentionally he didn’t mean to touch her. Maybe by mistake, it could’ve happened, by taking it to their characters it would affect their personal life outside BigBoss House.” Kaushal has just escaped from defamation from other team members if Geetha wouldn’t have stood for Kaushal. Geetha Madhuri has always been pro towards justice apart from tasks and games.


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