Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh Election Results

Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh election results will be out soon today. It is litmus test for BJP in Gujarat as it is home state of PM Narendra Modi where he had been a CM there for three terms. BJP is taking it as prestige to win Gujarat. Modi himself campaigned for almost a week in Gujarat. However, BJP and Congress are going neck to neck as per early trends in results. Patel community crusader Hardik Patel’s anti-ruling party campaign seems to have influenced the elections.

Congress is leading in 72 constituencies while BJP is leading in 108 constituencies by 12.15 PM. BJP is more likely to form government for 6th consecutive time, however, it is good sign for Congress as the party has gained 50+ seats lost by BJP. Rahul Gandhi must be cheering for his party’s performance after he has been made its president recently.

On the other hand, in Himachal Pradesh BJP is leading by 45 whereas Congress is leading in 19 places.

Keep watching this space for more updates..


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