Hari Teja insulted in Movie Theater.

Small screen actress cum anchor Hari Teja has been insulted by a female in a theater. This incident happened when the anchor has gone to a theater to watch the magnum opus ‘Mahanati’ with her family.
The Big Boss fame Hari Teja has gone into tears sharing her Bitter experience a video which is going viral. when Hari Teja asked her father to swap the seats next to her, the lady sitting next to the chair has made derogatory comments that ‘‘my daughter will not be at ease if your dad sits here. We’re not cinema people like you to sit beside males and enjoy’. How cruel and cheap that is?” stated Hari Teja.
This incident had shattered her and shared her grief, along to that she also gave subtle warning to the lady in the theater, “If you buy a ticket with 100 rupees that doesn’t mean you have right over all the artists” she adds.
It’s not for the first time that cine artist has been molested in public.


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