Have You not Contacted with HIV Sri Reddy asks Netizen

Sri Reddy is complaining on Tollywood and Kollywood since days but nothing has happened of her allegations. After Srireddyleaks, she targeted Tamil Industry on Tamilleaks. She has accusations over Directors and actors of Kollywood.
In one such allegation made on director Sundhar, her Physical relationships with men had shocked a netizen. Out of concern, he asked her if she is not contacted with HIV?
Sri Reddy replied,” See Mr.jay..thanks for ur concern…I hope u r not aware of condoms..I hv very good knowledge in sex nd how to protect my self..and every 4 months I do my health check ups..I am not wealthy but absolutely healthy bcuz of my healthy habits and yoga..if u talk like this u wl get karma,god is very powerful nd watching ur criticism..u dn need to get hiv, wt fever also u can die..take care.”


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